Monday, October 17, 2016

Shelf Stable Meals for Clarendon County

HHS staff coordinates with Clarendon County Emergency Management to obtain emergency meals for Seniors after Hurricane Matthew. On October 13, 2016 over 4,500 shelf stable meals were delivered to Manning Senior Center and will be provided to seniors throughout Clarendon County.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

American Red Cross Disaster Relief for the Summerton Community

In the days following Hurricane Matthew, many residents in Clarendon County were left without power. Santee-Lynches Health and Human Services staff assisted the American Red Cross with providing 125 hot meals to the Town of Summerton residents. Thanks to American Red Cross and our community partners for all they do to make our region a better place!

Santee-Lynches Incumbent Worker Training Assistance

The Santee-Lynches Workforce Development Area is excited to announce that funding is now available to help private sector employers train workers to keep businesses and workers competitive. For more information, see the information below or contact Esmonde Levy, Workforce Manager for Santee-Lynches Regional Council of Governments at

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Stronger Economies Together

The Santee-Lynches Regional Council of Governments is excited to be an active partner in the "Stronger Economies Together(SET)" program. SET is a regional economic development planning effort supported by USDA Rural Development, the Clemson Agribusiness Extension Program and South Carolina State University. In the coming weeks, two civic forums are scheduled to provide community members with a chance to engage in discussions and deliberations about the assets of local communities and the issues that are limiting their ability and that of the region to realize their full potential. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. To find out more, check out the press release below, visit the SET website, or contact Kyle Kelly at

Monday, September 26, 2016

Green Infrastructure Stakeholder Session

The Santee-Lynches Regional Council of Governments has received a Green Infrastructure Grant to help communities in the Santee-Lynches region better assess, manage, protect, or restore their natural assets to create healthy ecosystems, communities, and economies. On September 14th, 2016, the Economic and Community Sustainability Department hosted a meeting to engage stakeholders and identify a plan for the process. Attendees collaborated and brainstormed different strategies and techniques to maintain and enhance the natural assets of the region. By bringing together individuals from different disciplines, participants were able to come up with a diverse array of ideas that could be used and implemented by cities, conservation organizations, local partners and individuals. These ideas are providing the basis for the objectives to be outlined in the final Green Infrastructure plan.

To learn more about Green Infrastructure or participate in future planning efforts, contact Kyle Kelly at 803-774-1377.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Staff Spotlight

Your name: Lewan Brunson

Tell us a little bit about your personal life. I am the middle child of two sisters. I was born and raised in Sumter, SC. In 2008 I decided to attend Winthrop University where I received my bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 2012. During my time there at Winthrop University I joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. and was a campus leader in various roles. I interned for a few campaigns and then decided that I wanted to work in non-profit instead. Shortly after figuring out that working with non-profits was my calling I decided to move back to Sumter, SC where I was lucky enough to intern and then be hired on with Santee-Lynches Regional Council of Governments.

When did you start working at the COG? July 16th 2014

What is your current position? Assessor for the Health and Human Services Department

Sum up your job in one sentence. I screen our senior citizen population for available services.

What is the project, program, activity, event that you are most proud of? The project I am most proud of is start up weekend. Just like we were able to help others due that weekend with their business idea, we were able to take an idea and make it real. I watched as our team helped put on a successful event despite the ups and downs. I think that’s what the experience even better because we weren’t sure if it was going to work out for us, but we kept persevering and I will always remember that.

What COG related project, program, activity, event are you most looking forward to? Expanding the assessment process and using the data that we collect with our assessment to team up with other departments at the COG. We have the ability to collect vital information that can predict where services are needed and if they are not current when they will be needed.

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Neighborhood Initiative Program

The Santee-Lynches Council of Governments has partnered with the City of Sumter, the City of Camden and Kershaw County on the Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP).The goal of NIP is to stabilize property values through the removal of blighted properties in strategically targeted areas, in an effort to prevent future foreclosures for existing property owners. NIP assists communities by stemming the decline of home values and acting as a catalyst to initiate redevelopment and revitalization in areas suffering from blight and decline. Demolition of blighted properties will have a positive effect on preserving existing neighborhoods. The photos below show just a few of the many properties that have been demolished as a result of this program. To find out more about NIP or to help identify potential properties for demolition, contact Stacy Newman at 803-774-1987.